What to expect from your Wedding Coordinator

If your reception venue regularly hosts weddings celebrations, it is highly likely you will be assigned an event or wedding coordinator to ensure the success of your reception.  Whilst many wedding coordinators are highly experienced and focused on ensuing the absolute success of your special day, there are some key signs you can look out for to ensure your coordinator has your event under control.

Your coordinator’s prime focus should be to eliminate your stress, and to ensure all contributing parties to your special day come together like clockwork, here are a few key points of information you should expect your host to discuss with you.

Who are your Wedding suppliers?2011 m-43-43

Have the names of your florist, cake maker, décor supplies, photographer, entertainment, videographer and any others available, as well as their contact numbers and email addresses.  If your ceremony is onsite, include the celebrant too. An experienced coordinator will want to liaise directly with these businesses to ensure timely execution and trouble spot any issues keeping your focus on the perfect event. Time and stress saved.

Who are the important people on your guest list?

Apart from happy couple, make a point to highlight anyone else who is important to your celebration.  This includes all parents, master of ceremonies, best man, best friend, favourite uncle.  If possible, organise them to meet your coordinator prior to the event, so they can identify each other. Mark them on your seating arrangements and table plans too. This will ensure that these people have extra special attention, and provide some familiarity to your coordinator too, should decisions on the day need be made with our bothering you.

Expect a running sheet for the entire event

An experienced wedding coordinator will provide this to you as part of the confirmation process. However, if you don’t receive one, make sure you request one well in advance.  Your running sheet should be a step by step blueprint to the running of the day, from your time of arrival through to time of departure and how this will all happen.  Look for meal times, toast, bridal waltz, band commencement; every detail in a timeline planned to flow correctly.  Remember, a running sheet does not always run exactly to time, but it will ensure the special and important events of the day do go to plan.

Finally, a great wedding coordinator will see your vision and will be flexible in how they assist you to bring the key elements together. They will advise the best way to execute your finer personal details, advise potential hiccups and help to find solutions to ensure everything flows exactly how you imagined.

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