The Modern Bouquet

The modern wedding bouquet evolved from Ancient times, where a bride’s bouquet consisted of aromatic herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. English royalty eventually replaced these items with flowers, indulging in the language of Florigraphy, where different blooms had their own specific meaning.

Current bouquet trends are much more personal, individual and reflective of the bride’s personality and desired mood of the wedding.  While fresh flowers are still the most common arrangement, other options are becoming more popular.

Paper Flowers Bouquet

Morgi Mac

Perfect for a handmade wedding themes.  Individual paper flowers are delicately made to suit your style and colouring in a range of sizes.  Matching button holes for the groom and groomsmen complete this modern look.  See MorgiMac Design for beautiful arrangements finished with vintage button centres.

Brooch and Button Bouquets



So beautifully personal, either hit the op-shops and scour the bargains, or gather your treasures from your mum and mum-in-law to be, grandma, your great aunts.  Your final arrangement could be an arrangement of family memories and treasures. See for buttons, brooch and other creative designs.


Eternal Arrangements

Gone are the days that fake flowers looked like they were supplied by a clown at a carnival.  New artificial

eternal vase

floral arrangements look so close to the real thing that it’s doubtful that any one will actually notice! In addition, you can keep your wedding flowers forever, no drying, no pressing, no deterioration.  Miranda from The Eternal Vase made the change from a fresh florist to artificial flower stylist and hasn’t looked back. Using your ideas, colour scheme and theme, every arrangement is individually created.


DIY Your very own original creation! 

What about bulbs? Instructions for this stunning arrangement is made from Christmas decorations; instructions to create it yourself are available here


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