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Our first issue launched in 2003. Back then, the only local print advertising available was in newsprint. Recognizing a desperate need to showcase local weddings in a gorgeous glossy publication, and already actively and passionately promoting local wedding industry talent, Jennifer Bull set out to ensure that Central Victoria’s beautiful brides received a beautiful publication – and a comprehensive guide to what’s on offer across the region.

So what’s changed?

The Magazine2011 S&T-490

The first edition had but just 53 advertisers from around the Bendigo area and no index. Now boasting more than 150 businesses involved, a record 39 feature brides in Issue 10 and a supplier directory that spans more than 260 km across Central Victoria.

The Gowns

Styles change constantly, from strapless to halter, satin to organza, white, cream or colour. Styles and trends continue to evolve, re-invent, and return, and there will always be a certain type of girl who just wants a big frock. How exciting it is to finally see the return of lace, having hidden its gorgeous face over the past 10 years.

The Planning

10 years ago, pretty much the entire planning of a wedding was left to a bride and her mum. A system was followed, a check list completed. Gown – check. Venue – Check. Flowers – check.

Our brides have become stylists – and the groom, the art director. Original ideas are cultivated by worldwide styling hubs of Etsy and Pinterest, and are combined with unique and personal items from home such as grandma’s crystal, the antique bike from the back shed and Uncle Fred’s hay bales. Original and highly personalised events are signatures of the couple and their families, as they work alongside suppliers to portray their own personality and quirkiness into the decorations, styling and ambiance.

The Regions

Central Victoria is now ‘wedding-cool’. Destination-demand is here, as brides say goodbye to Mornington Peninsula, and hello Echuca, Swan Hill and the river. On a peak season weekend there can be more than 30 weddings held in the Bendigo region alone, increasing rapidly over the past 5 years.

The traditional wedding ‘season’ from October – April is now a thing of the past. From Sept until May, our region is booked solidly, and the winter wedding trend is steadily on the rise. Fridays and Sundays are in addition to the standard Saturday, evenings event fall are alongside lunches, brunches, afternoon teas and even breakfast.

Feeling Beautiful

Looking back over ten years of gorgeous feature brides it’s hard to believe that many brides once did their own wedding make up. Now beauty preparations are undertaken weeks, even months in advance. Gone is the simplicity of booking your wedding day hair and makeup, now becoming a roster of tanning, waxing, nails, skin treatments, false lashes, hair extensions and teeth whitening. As the beauty industry evolves with more amazing products and treatments designed to make our brides look just perfect, so do the needs of the bride. (And the groom! – that’s right, even the men have their own regime of preparations in the lead up to the big day.)

Its ok to love LOVE.

Ahhhh. With a return to romance, tradition and togetherness, everyone is welcome to a wedding – including little children and the family pet. Over the past few years we have watch bridal parties grow bigger, and a special wedding role is given to most members of the family.

Simply? There is a lot of love around. Couples are getting younger, happy to have found each other, and wanting to shout it to world. From mid-twenties and under, it’s pretty much “cool” to have a wedding again.

The PhotographyNews and latest style ideas

Just as couples invest their personality into their special day, so does the demand to capture it. Moving right away from portrait styling and the classic family group shots where the bridal party dominate the frame, photographers must be masters of capturing candid, one in a million moments filled with raw emotions of love, joy and natural happiness. Albums are now filled with images of the little details and small touches. Shoes, perfume, flowers; even pets and private mementos represent meaningful moments of the wedding day, and the love shared by the couple. Every year we continue to be blown away by the evolving talent and skill of photographers across the region.

Trends for next 12 months

Vintage is here to stay, but with more ‘earthy and rustic’ vintage influences. Think farm-house styling with daisies, preserves, fresh fruit and hay bales with burlap. Colours include mint and pastels, and patterns are in. Floral arrangements with foliage, figs, ivy and classic gip is coming back. We will still see some DIY personal styling, but with a greater focus on using small, unique suppliers for specialty décor with handmade touches and individual artistic flavour.

Happy weddings everyone!

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