DIY Candy Buffet

Creating the Ultimate DIY Candy Table

Candy table stylists are popping up everywhere.  As more couples choose to provide guests with a gift of sweet treats, the creation of unbelievable and visually delicious displays of lollies, cake pops and mini macarons is becoming big business.

If using a stylist is just not in your budget, creating a visual feast is not a difficult task; plus, if you DIY, you get to add a little touch of your own personality into the arrangement.

5 DIY candy buffet creation tips:

Beg, borrow or steal your display containers.

You will be amazed how many vases, bowls and display vessels you can find inside the cupboards of your mother, aunts and grandmothers. Have a look to in your own cupboard, you did just get engaged didn’t you? (Surely you received a platter or seven?)

Tahleah 2

While these may not match perfectly, you can create a theme.  Look for vintage, modern, all white, crystal – whatever suits your look.

Choose quirky items to add as a table feature.

A recent table I had the honour of styling featured a large white paper tree in the centre, with lolly pops hanging from each branch.  It was the mother of the bride’s jewellery tree from her bedroom, and suited the table and theme perfectly.

Personalise your lollies for that memorable touch.

Add your name to your lolly display on a few key items – but try not to splash it on everything; beautiful subtlety.  Buy bulk packs of chocolate bars from supermarkets as an easy DIY option.  Remove the paper label, leaving the silver wrapping.  Now print your new personalised wrapper band on your computer, a little sticky tape and they look like they were custom made.

Candy Table 2

Raise the bar

Multiple heights on your candy table adds both finesse and accessibility to your display.  Raise the back table simply by adding blocks of wood under each table leg, or for a single table, overturn some boxes and cover them in draping cloth.

Kitsch paper lolly bags can be just as cool

– as noodle boxes and glossy bags.  Old school lolly bags serve the same purpose, and create more fun!  Remember choosing your lolly selection as a child at the corner store, painstakingly making the decision as to which lollies will fill the white or tan bag of joy?  Glue or stick on decorations, add ribbon or tie them up with brown vintage look strings if custom made containers are out of your budget.

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